Benefits of Miswak for ALL


Few Words about Miswak

It’s a sunaa to use miswak for muslims , it does’t mean that only Muslim should use it miswak is for everyone , you can’t image the benefits of miswak it is very good for tooth health and digestive system. I believe every human being should use it. I myself use it on regular basis in the  morning after doing regular brush I go with miswak and it makes me feel so fresh and Active ready to eat tasty food all day long. No odor and no tooth pain after regular use of miswak.

From where you can get it?

You can easily get miswak near mosque in your area. Generally on Friday prayer at 1:30 PM outside mosque you can get miswak on street vendors. Not likely branded tooth paste miswak is very very cheap you can get it in just few bucks like in India you can get it in 10 to 20 Rupees only.

Benefits of Miswak

  1. Kills bacteria that causes gum disease
  2. Fights plaque effectively.
  3. Useful andeffectives for teeth whitening
  4. Benefit of miswak is it Helps reduce tooth decay
  5. Removes Bad breath and odor from mouth.
  6. Creates a fragrance in the mouth.
  7. Effectively cleans between teeth dueto its parallel bristles.
  8. Increases salivation and hence inhibits dry mouth (Xerostomia).
  9. The cure for every illness besides death.
  10. Reminds a being of the kalimah at the time of death.
  11. Brings ease at the time when the soul is being pulled out of the body.
  12. Makes the departure of the rooh (soul) easier.
  13. The one who uses it will pass the bridge of siraat at the speed of lightning.
  14. His book of deeds will be given to him in his right hand.
  15. Delays old age is also a benefit of miswak
  16. Strengthens weak eyesight.
  17. Reduces problems of the roots and inflammation of the gums.
  18. Whitens the teeth.
  19. Helps in digestion.
  20. Gets rid of phlegm.
  21. Increases the reward of ones prayer up to 70 to 90 times more.
  22. Increases reward in Jennah.
  23. Brings happiness to the angels.
  24. The Anbiyaa and Rusul all pray for his forgiveness.
  25. Miswaak angers the shaitaan greatly and brings him discomfort.
  26. It brings wealth and prosperity to the one who continuously makes a habit of its use.
  27. Lessens and reduces the body of bile.
  28. Eases headaches and the veins running thru the head.
  29. Takes away toothache is the most known benefit of miswak.
  30. Benefit of miswak is it Rids the mouth of bad odor and replaces it with good smell.
  31. Keep the stomach good and healthy.
  32. Gives the body the strength needed to worship Allah.
  33. Increases ones memory and clears the thought and intellect.
  34. Cleanses the heart is also a benefit of miswak.
  35. Cleanses the mind.
  36. Increases ones progeny.
  37. Rids the body of excess heat.
  38. Takes away pain.
  39. Benefit of miswak is it Strengthens the back.
  40. Unblocks the throat.
  41. Strengthens ones speech.
  42. Sharpens one’s ability to understand.
  43. Lessens moisture and excess saliva.
  44.  Abundantly increases the amount of reward.
  45. Increases ones wealth and children.
  46. Provides comfort for him in his grave.
  47. He will gain the reward of all those who have not used the miswaak.
  48. The doors of jannah will be opened for him.
  49. Each day,the angels say about him “This man is a follower of the  ways of the anbiyaa”.
  50. The doors of Hellfire will close for him.
  51. He will leave the world cleansed from all sins.
  52. The angel of death shall approach him in the same manner the anbiyaa are approached.
  53. He will leave the world upon drinking from The Fountain of Kauthar and from al-Raheeq-al- makhtoom (the sealed pure wine)
  54. Creates lustre (Noor) on the face of the one who regularly employs it.
  55. A remedy for all disease except Death.
  56. Multiplies the Thawaab (reward) of Salaat (prayer) from 70 times to 400 times. (HADITH)
  57. A thing that will bring in greater rankings in Jannat for those who uses it
  58. The Angels sing the praises of the person who uses the Miswaak.
  59. Make use of the Miswaak displeases Shaitaan.
  60. Use of the Miswaak graces one with the company of the Angels
  61. The greatest advantage of using the Miswaak is the achievement of Allah Ta’ala’s Pleasure.
  62. Enhances the memory.
  63. Benefit of miswak is it Eliminates slime.
  64. Produces aroma in the mouth.
  65. Benefit of miswak is it Strengthens the gums.
  66. Blocks tooth decay.
  67. Stops further grow of decay.
  68. Remedy for headaches.
  69. Helps relieving toothaches.
  70. Triggers the teeth to sparkle.
  71. Eliminates the yellowishness of the teeth.
  72. Improves the eye-sight.
  73. Helpful for the health of your whole body.
  74. Helps the process of Digestive function.
  75. treatment for a specific mouth disease called Qilaa
  76. Clears the voice.
  77. Benefit of miswak is it Triggers the appetite.
  78. Benefit of miswak is it Boosts the eloquence of one’s speech.
  79. Benefit of miswak is it Improve the Intelligence.

Miswak Ki Ahmiyat Aur Fayde By Adv. Faiz Syed

Now I hope you have got an idea that why you should use miswak ? Today only you go in market and bring a few miswak for you and your family and stay healthy spread the word with others also by sharing this blog.


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