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Anasuya Sarabhai

Anasuya Sarabhai

Indian Activist

Date Of Birth

11 November, 1885

Birth Place

Ahmedabad , Gujarat



AGE (1972)

86 Years Old




Many extraordinary Associate in Nursingd outstanding girls in Indian history have created their mark by breaking barriers and have set an example for the full country. one in every of such heroines in Indian history is Anasuya Sarabhai. She worked altruistically and inexhaustibly for the upliftment of underclass individuals. She was usually referred as ‘Motaben’.

Anasuya Sarabhai was simply nine years previous once she lost each her oldsters. She beside her 2 young siblings was raised by her uncle Chimanbhai Sarabhai. She was simply thirteen once Anasuya Sarabhai  was forced to urge married. However, the sad wedding was short lived and shortly led to a divorce. She needed to finish her education and so as before long as she came back once her wedding, she determined to finish her education. Her siblings supported her utterly and helped her pursue more studies.

Anasuya Sarabhai  for more studies left for European nation within the year 1912. throughout her time in European nation, she was inclined towards the noble reason behind social equality. This happened once she met socialists like Sydney Webb, Chesterton, and Bernard Shaw. She came back to Asian country in 1913 and commenced operating for unprivileged communities.

Anasuya Sarabhai  became a outstanding figure throughout the country once she was asked to deal with the difficulty of mill employees. Anasuya Sarabhai  was during a state of shock once hearing to their issues and created positive that she’s going to higher their conditions anyhow. She demanded 2 things for mill house owners for his or her employees i.e. {the higher|the higher} operating conditions and better wages and gave a point of forty eight hours otherwise the employees can conduct a strike. She even went against her brother Ambalal throughout this protest World Health Organization was then the president of the Mill Owners’ Association. It took twenty one days and mill house owners finally in agreement to satisfy her demand. Even the nice nationalist leader appreciated such efforts of Anasuya.

In 1920, Anasuya was declared by nationalist leader as long president of the union. once changing into the president, she established a college name Kanyagruha in order that she will give education to the daughters of poor Ahmedabad’s textile employees. She supported the appointment of terrorist organization Bhatt at Ahmedabad’s Textile Labour Association. They each established a company referred to as SEWA (Self-Employed Women’s Association of India) within the year 1972. sadly, Motaben died few months once the institution of this glorious organization.

Anasuya Sarabhai is remembered even once nearly five decades of her death, She was instrumental in empowering the labor and ne’er abused her power or position for her personal profit. She was a spunky leader and can forever be remembered for the work she did her entire life. She holds a big place within the history of India’s gender and labor rights movement.

Interesting Facts Secrets About Anasuya Sarabhai

  • Google honoured with a doodle on her 132nd Birth Anniversary.
  • She was also the only woman who Gandhiji addressed as ‘Pujya’ or ‘blessed’ in his life.


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